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Nevada may be forced to reveal marijuana-license criteria

Nevada faces complaints about secrecy in awarding licenses to sell marijuana in the state’s booming legal marketplace, boiling over into lawsuits and legislation that appear poised to pry open the process. Several companies have sued the state tax department, arguing that no one knows for sure the criteria officials use to award new licenses. They… Keep Reading

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FTC Warns CBD Advertisers

As part of its ongoing efforts to ensure that dietary supplements and other health-related products are advertised truthfully, and that product efficacy claims made for such products are supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence, the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has sent warning letters to three companies marketing products… Keep Reading

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US corporations embrace 420 for marketing

Potheads have for decades celebrated their love of marijuana on April 20, but the once counter-culture celebration that was all about getting stoned now is so mainstream Corporate America is starting to embrace it. No, Hallmark doesn’t yet have a card to mark “420.” But many other businesses inside and outside the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry… Keep Reading

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Execs Quit MedMen

According to a report from CNBC, MedMen (MMNFF) Chief Operating Officer Ben Cook and General Counsel and board member Lisa Sergi Trager have resigned from the company amidst what’s being reported as a “broader employee shakeup.” Unidentified sources tell CNBC that Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Daniel Yi also resigned. Although MedMen released a statement saying the… Keep Reading

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VIDEO: Why Marijuana Businesses Can’t Use Banks

Growing and selling marijuana are, like using it, legal under Colorado law. But banks tend to take their cues from the federal government. Not only does selling marijuana violate federal law; handling the proceeds of any marijuana transaction is considered to be money laundering. Very few banks are willing to bear that risk. By the… Keep Reading

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NOPE: Nevada Gun Owners Can’t Smoke Weed

Now that recreational marijuana purchase and use is legal in Nevada, anyone who owns, carries, or wants to purchase a firearm needs to be aware of gun laws that apply to individuals who use marijuana in Las Vegas or elsewhere in the state. There are three (3) different ways you can run into problems with firearms when… Keep Reading

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