What Does California Not Allow in Marketing Cannabis?

Here’s What California Laws Do Not Allow

Highway sign as reference to California’s laws regarding the use of marijuana.
  • You cannot use an ad or marketing piece unless the licensee responsible for it is legibly identified on it. At a minimum, the license number should be included. This includes print, outdoor, and digital ads and marketing.
  • Ads placed on television (broadcast or cable), print, digital, or radio cannot be shown if at least 71.6% of the audience is not expected to be age 21 or older. You can determine this percentage using reliable and current audience composition data from the media publisher you’re working with.
  • You cannot conduct advertising or marketing through individual communication or through any type of dialogue that you control unless you require audience members to verify their age first. Only people age 21 or older may engage with these communications or dialogues. You can get this verification by requiring people to disclose and confirm their birth dates or using another registration process. For example, you’d need to verify visitors’ ages before they view your website, just like liquor brands are required to do.
  • You have to be truthful and cannot mislead consumers in any way.
  • Your marketing messages cannot contradict information on your product labels and packaging.
  • You cannot use any kind of marketing that makes people think your product came from a different location than where it actually originated from.
  • You cannot advertise on a billboard or other location that is on an Interstate Highway or State Highway, and your ads cannot cross the California border.
  • Your ads and marketing should not encourage anyone under the age of 21 to use marijuana products.
  • Advertising signs cannot be within 1,000 feet of a school for kindergarten through grade 12 students, a day care center, a playground, or a youth center.
  • You cannot give away any quantity of marijuana or marijuana-related products or accessories as part of a promotion or any other commercial activity.
  • You cannot make any untrue claims in your marketing messages about how your products or marijuana in general can have any kind of effect on a person’s health.

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