Texas May Finally Make CBD Legal

The debate over the future of CBD oil in Texas heads to the floor of the Texas House on Tuesday.

Lawmakers will debate whether to legalize the popular health products, which are already sold in a gray market in many Texas stores.

Previous efforts to clarify the legal status of CBD oil and legalize the farming of hemp used to produce CBD have failed in Texas. This is the first time such a bill has reached the House floor.

The bill under consideration Tuesday sailed through the House Agriculture Committee. In fact, no one spoke out against the bill at a public hearing recently.

CBD producers point out there is a major difference between marijuana and hemp. The industrial hemp used to make CBD contains just trace amounts of THC, the ingredient that produces a high in marijuana — so little THC that experts say hemp CBD oil cannot make you high.

Conservative Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is among those who have expressed strong support for the bill under consideration Tuesday, saying it would help Texas farmers cash in on the rapidly emerging market for CBD products.

House Bill 1325 would make it legal to farm hemp in Texas. It would also remove legal concerns for people who buy and sell CBD oil. Currently, some Texas jurisdictions have taken a tough stance on CBD oil with police raiding stores or arresting individuals for possessing it.


Author: Pesach

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